“My spirit is good
Life is singing of love and poetry
Dance of body waves
All are orgasm-like
Movements of the living and dying
Soul mining in domestic tongue...”
— Aremu
Although born Oladayo Joseph Opadoja, Àrẹ̀mú (a name that comes with the birth of the first male child, or heir --but was actually chosen as his stage name because of the "calmness" it exudes--) is the name he goes by. Of the Yoruba tribe, he was born in Lagos, Nigeria on the 4th of December, 1986. He is a performance artiste and lead singer of his band of five (which includes him): Aremu and the Greys. Music to him is healing, or an instrument of healing. When asked of his perspective of his art, he says "It's simple. To me music is healing. Like a surgeon operates on the physical body, music operates on the soul, inspiring and aspiring." Music, his first true love, makes up only part of his being, with the others simply being all branches of art itself. He impresses on those he meets, to always stay within their creative process, their art, which is life itself. Many of his songs include Yoruba proverbs and are sung in a mixture of English, Yoruba, and Pidgin-English; with his music also being of it's own genre, one he calls "Yoruba Classics."